Parish Council Meeting – 7 June 2016

In a Dibleyesque meeting of the Parish Council Meeting to discuss the proposed Traffic Regulation Order twenty residents crowded into the relatively new parish council office to make their feelings known.

All twenty spoke against the proposals with passion and concern.

After this the Parish Council then discussed the matter. No time was given to discuss the comments made by the residents and immediately the chair asked each councillor for their views. It was clear that little, if any, notice was taken of the public comments. The outcome had likely been decided before the meeting.

It was clear that many of the councillors were only concerned with what affected them. One conversation was along the lines of  “I drive down that road every day, if we could extend the double yellow lines further along the road it would make my drive easier.”

The chair commented that the primary school would not have many children from out of catchment due to the 70 new houses being built in Swanmore. Currently 1500 houses in Swanmore provide 220 children, with 200 are from out of catchment. Just do the maths!

In the end they agreed to support most of the proposal and write a letter to Winchester City Council to that effect.

It’s time we started holding them more to account. But then they aren’t elected as nobody wants to stand. So it is our fault, we get the council we deserve.


Mark Johnson

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