26 July 2016 – Winchester City Council approved revised TRO

At a (rare) meeting of the Winchester City Council Cabinet (Traffic & Parking) Committee the revised Traffic Regulation Order was approved.

Despite efforts by two Swanmore residents who addressed the meeting (of which I was one) to only have the lines requested by the school approved the revised order was passed.

Frank Pearson also addressed the meeting and did concede that the original plan was not generally supported in the village.  He however continued to say that in his view additional yellow lines were needed. So perhaps we face another battle in the future.

There is no doubt that the revised plan is a major improvement over the original and while not ideal can be ‘lived with’. The will of the village has generally prevailed and the Parish Council and Frank Pearson have been shown to be out of touch.

So bloody noses for Frank and the Parish Council and a reasonable victory for common sense and Swanmore. Now what will the next battle be? Lets continue to keep these councillors accountable and ensure their ideas are in line with the wishes of the village not themselves.


Mark Johnson



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