Pushing the boundary – Literally!

NOTE: Comments on this planning application close on 21 August 2018

It’s not often my email and social media feed light up with multiple people complaining about something in Swanmore. Normally its just a general grumble 🙂 !

Well a planning application to build 4 houses in the garden of a house in the centre of the village has got people going.

The Village Statement outlined a boundary for the village with the required 250 houses (by 2031) to be built inside it. Currently the achievement stands at just below 80% with 13 years to go – clearly this target is in little danger of not being met!

The planning application for Greenfields (clearly they will have to rename it if they get approval) is to build in the garden of the house – but here’s the catch: It’s outside of the village boundary so is classified as ‘Countryside’. There is a lot of guidance on releasing countryside for development and to me it doesn’t appear that this satisfies them.

You can check out the application (and all objections ) and make a comment against (or otherwise) by going to: Winchester Planning

Here is my objection:

These short notes outline my objection to this development application.

1/ With the exception of the access road the buildings in this application fall outside of the Swanmore settlement boundary. This boundary was established for a reason and any approval to build outside of this must have a compelling reason. None is given in this application.

2/ Properties do back on to the proposed development area so no argument can be made that building here will have no visual, or other, impact on local residents.

3/ No mention is made of any impact on the morning and afternoon school crossing that is immediately adjacent to the property. Because of the number of cars parked along Church Road it is likely that cars emerging from this development will have little or no sight of children crossing the road as they turn in that direction.

4/ The National Planning Policy Framework talks about three dimensions of sustainable development. This applications does not support any of them:

Economic – Ensuring sufficient land is available. The requirement is for Swanmore to have 250 new homes by 2031. Already the village is at 78% of this target with 13 years to go. There is clearly no pressing need for this land to be released to support the required development target.

Social – Supplying housing to met the needs of present and future generations. The requirement under CP2 is for 2 and 3 bedroom homes. There is an extremely strong case that Swanmore needs more 1 and 2 bedroom dwellings to meet the needs of local families. This application does not support CP2 or the local need.

Environmental – Protecting and enhancing our natural environment. The achievement against the housing targets for Swanmore are way ahead of where they need to be. There is no compelling reason for this piece of countryside to be built upon. There is no argument to be made that this protects the environment, quite the opposite.

No argument can be made that the application will benefit Swanmore and it should be rejected.


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